Query Regarding Transaction Receipts Received via Email

I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the following three issues that I discovered while checking the transaction receipt that was sent to me via email:

  1. Yesterday, I performed a self-transfer from the Jupiter app to my SBI account (since the account is linked with Jupiter App, the details were already present there). Upon checking the transaction receipt, I noticed that the “PAID TO” and “PAID BY” details are identical and display my Jupiter UPI address on both rows (mobilenumber@jupiteraxis). can anyone confirm if this is standard practice for self-transfers or if there is an issue that needs to be addressed :eyebrow: :eyebrow:. (Screenshot/Pic 1). And if there are no issues in this regard, there is another query : I have noticed that my full name appears on the “Paid To” address section, while only my first name is displayed on the “Paid By” address section.

  2. The second issue is concerned with the font size of the “PAID BY” address. As you can see, it appears smaller or tiny when compared to the font size of other details. Additionally, when viewing the same receipt on the Gmail app on my mobile device, the address appears to be split into two lines, making it look “broken.” I am uncertain if this is a problem with my default font size on my mobile or if everyone else sees the same thing. Can anyone please confirm? The device is Oppo Reno 3 Pro. (Screenshot/Pic 2)

  3. Lastly, the time stamp on these receipts still shows the year 2022. (Screenshot/Pic 3)

I think in Jupiter UPI all bank accounts share the same UPI Id.

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It is normal because in Self-transfer, UPI Id is the same. Just transfer from one bank to another.

It may be due to email format.

Thank you, @Abhishek_Ulayil and @Satyajit_Singh, for verifying the UPI ID concern. Has anyone experienced the name problem as mentioned in the initial inquiry?
Additionally, could you please check if the “Paid By” column appears slightly smaller than the others?

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This isn’t a bug. More like a design choice.
I think it’s best to highlight the name of the person who you’re sending it to.

This is new! I tried doing this but it appeared in 1 line. Can others try it out and let us know? Wanted to know if it’s the rendering for our email in certain devices/font issue.

This, we need to check.


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