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Somehow the transaction filter is not displaying all the categories that are present in the list of transactions. I have of categories(Like grocery in the second pic) for my transactions but in the filter it is only displaying “Zomato” in this case. I’m thinking may be the filter needs some tweaking.

@Sukesh_Pabba In this case, Zomato was shown to you since you have a tag for it.
Tags are different from Categories (Icons)

Those filters are for tags :slight_smile:

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I have other tags but they didn’t show up. once I deleted the “Zomato” tag , rest of the tags (Amazon, recurring, swiggy) appeared in the transaction filter even though there were no transactions with those tags in that month.

@Sukesh_Pabba The filter shows tags which were made from beginning of time.
The transactions will show up according to the month.

Eg: If you’ve ordered food from Zomato in the month of March, it will show the Zomato tag. If you filter, it will should up only in the month of March. (Assuming you’re checking Zomato tags under the dinning out category)

Note: Have a look at your category while you’re checking filters. You should be in the dinning out category if you’re checking it.

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