Transaction missing the pot name

When I withdraw from pot. After few days when I try to understand abou the transaction, I see it as withdrawal from pot. But I don’t see from which pot it is. I miss the important info here. I’ll have to check few pots by opening (opening pot is very slow and it’s a different problem). This info is like open text box For every transaction. These days we got used to why a particular transaction has been made with a comment box while paying.


I really had not paid attention to this. Thank you Abhishek.

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Thanks for the information brother. That’s almost an ester egg. :+1:
Btw, is that Nokia LUMIA 925? Just curious to know. :grin:

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Yeah, I was planning to buy one refurbished. But it isn’t available easily.


was this solution removed. I also dont see this search bar visible in current (i guess latest) app

@minhaj bro, regarding the search bar, it’s replaced with the search icon, you can see it on top right side of the home screen. Kindly check whether it’s available and you can search by typing 'transactions" there

okay. But it is not showing older transaction. I can see only last 20 transaction