Transaction ID missing in Self-transfer

Hi @Shawnpinto

There is something wrong with Self-transfer option.

I have successfully transacted but the transaction Is not categorized and also Jupiter transaction ID is missing

And also look into this one

@Satyajit_Singh I see that the transaction ID is not visible. However, there’s a copy button. Could you let us know what gets copied on the phones copy clipboard?

What’s the current category shown for this transaction? Is it blank?

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Nothing copy to phone clipboard

And category is blanked

Got it. Thanks for checking!

@Satyajit_Singh We found out the cause. It’s not really a bug, rather it was a rare case of transaction failure.

This is linked to your other bug report - UPI transaction showing two times

You tried to pay once but due to an intermittent issue, the first transaction failed. Hence no transaction ID was given to it. This is why it wasn’t categorized as well. The amount wasn’t debited for the first time. However, you’ve initiated the payment again and it was successful this time.

You will see 2 transactions because of this.

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This one and previous one are different transaction and also these two transactions are successfully done on first attempt.

No issue at the time of transaction.

You can see the amount of transaction is different

So the transaction with the blank ID was initiated only once but it was successful.
The one that showed double entries had 1 fail and 1 success, right?

You’re right, these are 2 different ones.

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Blank id is now fixed and it also categorized

But you can see i have transacted on 7th October of Rs. 24,653 and successfully done on first attempt no failure

But in transaction history it shows two times like i already have reported the issue of reward showing two times with successful and another with processing

You also can see the below image for reference

I faced the same issue for withdrawal from pot and payment to merchant yesterday. But the issue was fixed till last evening

Till the time transaction showing two times, not yet fixed