Track and encourage Philanthropy

I am not sure if there is a thread on this topic ( did search using different keywords and could not find one :slight_smile: ).

It will be helpful if Jupiter app has a provision to encourage regular donation to a list of curated organizations and track the same at the end of financial year ( helps tax filing as well).

I would probably like to donate 10% of my salary every year and it helps to see like if I achieved that goal.


Hey Madhu!

An idea on similar lines was suggested by other community members, you could read more about it here:

Also adding your suggestions

  1. A curated list of NGOs
  2. A goal to track 10% of income to Philanthropy

How do you undertake this task currently?


Came across this, this bank does all the hassle of contributing towards good while all you have to do is use this as your bank! I would want to choose something like this as it helps to start of one’s Philanthropy journey!


Hi Jimil,

Thanks for sharing these details.

Hi Seher,

Thanks for the update.
Currently, I do not have a way to track the contributions I make and also I do it in a very irregular intervals.
Having a tracker, reminder will be helpful (sort of monthly / quarterly SIP).

Stripe climate makes a lot of sense not sure how we would implement it in a similar way for the savings account.


Seems similar to a service that BookMyShow has built for themselves - Donation to BookASmile foundation with every txn on BMS.