Jupiter should have a Wealth Manager

I should have the ability to connect my other bank accounts, see transactions from those accounts, get actionable insights on those transactions inside Jupiter too. The goal is to track my expenses everywhere (other bank accounts, credit cards) and also keep an eye on my net worth (it’d be great if you could track your market investments as well)

I already pay for MoneyWiz. Would rather have it with Jupiter.

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Isn’t IND wealth does this work right now? And why do you require a wealth manager just to track? Is it also recommend on top of this?

IND Wealth mainly tracks investments. Apps like MoneyWiz connect to your accounts (via their APIs) so everything is automated and in one place.

This gives me insight on spending trends, helps budget my money on a month-to-month basis, and tells me what I can invest.

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Wasnt aware of such products who have their APIs! connected to banks. Usually apps like these do screen scraping.

Got it so Moneywiz is for overall flow of money and one view of that vs iND Wealth which is almost for only tracking investments.

Yes. MoneyWiz is great but since it’s a third party system, I don’t trust it that much. I’d rather have an Indian Bank have these details

Wealth managemnet may get traction, once users start trusting the platform. Shouldnt be the first 3 products.


Was curious to know when you say wealth management it’s a human based or a machine based?

Machine helping me manage all my money (I make investments on my own)

Like can you explain one or two scenarios ?