Technical bug | filter transactions

  • Date and time of the bug 3/3/22 12pm
  • Action: What did you do to produce the bug? Clicked all transactions, then filter
  • Expected result: What was supposed to happen. Should show filtered transactions
  • Actual result: What actually happened. Didn’t show the swiggy transaction
  • Device name and model: Eg: OnePlus 6
  • Reproducibility: No. of times you were able to produce the bug. Always
  • Connection type: Eg: Wi-Fi/Mobile data mobile data
  • Name of the cellular/ Wi-Fi provider: Eg: Jio
  • Screenshots/video: Keeping in mind - no personal information is shown. If it’s visible, please do hide it. Video link 6.75 MB file on MEGA

@ShashankT Hmmm I saw the video.
I think the reason it didn’t show the Swiggy transaction in the filter is because the tag was something else.

Can you check if that Swiggy transaction was marked with a Swiggy tag in recent transactions? Let us know!

Not tagged but it was a swiggy transaction

Ah that’s why!
It should have been auto tagged. Can you try to tag it as Swiggy and then check filters? Should work.

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Yes after tagging manually it is working

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Thanks. We’re still working on getting the transactions to be auto tagged. If you find any more, let us know!