Surprise Box | Rewards | Jupiter

Hey, Buddy’s,

Jupiter should bring something new like Fi my friend has received a suprise box from Fi and the presentation was very good.

Thet gives some tasks to complete if users complete it then they give some Fi Coins which can be redeemed to get surprise gift from them.


Whoa. Curious to find out what the tasks were :face_with_monocle:

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Some simple task like
Do some transaction
Do 2-3 Scan & Pay Transaction
Refer Some Friends etc etc.

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Got it. Was it for a limited period or does it last forever?

NA it’s not a limited period offer.

They Update the Tasks regularly.

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Interesting. Thanks for letting us know :+1:t3:
Question. Would you do these tasks just for receiving the surprise box? Is that the motive?

Yes, of course I will do this task but Rue I’m not a Fi Customer :expressionless:

They reward their customers for saving money with FIT rules.
So they give some Fi coins and once people have enough coins then they can buy anything from Fi store.

Jupiter should also reward their customers for saving money but u guys are only rewarding for spending money that too with a lot of T&Cs

I bought this from Fi