Spending Insights Bug

  1. There is two zero missing from 15,000 under Bills & Utilities category.

  1. Insights are updated daily. Even today’s transaction is also updated, but it’s showing last updated on 28th April.

Satyajit, what if you choose just the Federal bank account? do you still the same date?

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The time updated for all accounts section will show the last AA sync time out of all your accounts.
So it seems one of your AA account updated last month and hasn’t updated since.

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Yes, Abhishek

Some banks are not updated from 28th April and due to this happened

@Satyajit_Singh , For me, when I choose Federal Ban, shows today’s date and most updated time and for other accounts, today’s date, but a time in the afternoon. Guess, there is a dependency on the APIs relaying the info.

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Initially, I was surprised to see spending of over 50,000 in just two days in May :exploding_head: :exploding_head:. It was only later that I realized the majority were transfers. :grin:

I tend to get worried as well when I first see the insights.

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Why this error showing sometimes


That’s an interesting catch. It’s working fine with me.

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means, this is not a permanent one, just temporary. Is that error has anything to do with the phone font then?

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I think this was reported in Revamped spends tracking on Jupiter 📊 - #63 by Abhishek_Ulayil

Some of them said it was fine, but it’s showing up again for @Satyajit_Singh .
We’re trying to find out.


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