Smoothing out Animations 🫧

Hey Dev’s , the app animation while switching between tabs are really jerky, and same when we click on settings option…I’ve also noticed that when we scroll through in-app support messages, it’s very jerky and laggy… Pls fix these things


Hey @Steev_John :hyper_wave:
Thanks for checking out the animation bit in the app.
The team is aware about this one. We’ll make this a smoother experience for our users.

Oh and, could you let us know your device model and app version?


Device: Realme 6
App version :- 1.5.40

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Can confirm, the animations are janky on iOS too. Hope we smoothen them pretty soon.

In help section, It’s still the same till now , It responses after many time when I click on attach image icon .
In transaction history, when I click on a transaction to view details it responses very slow.