Jello effect on UI components in home screen

I have observed jello effect in the UI components of the homescreen (ios app latest version)

The component is not rigid and is kinda fun to play with.
If you drag around that section it moves.

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Hey @Abhishek_Ulayil :hyper_wave:

Good find! :mag: :bug_hunters:
We’ve identified this bug and it should be fixed in the next app update.

That’s for showing this to us :slight_smile:
Could you help us with checking this again after the update? That way, we can confirm.

We’d also like to reward you. I’ll share more details on DM’s :gift:



This issue has been fixed in the update 2.0.6
Kudos to the dev team :tada:

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Glad to know it was resolved @Abhishek_Ulayil :tick:
It was thanks to you we got this fixed :slight_smile: