Blinking line bug in jupiter


Check these blinking linesā€¦ This bug was there since few weeks (after a big update that caused app outage, i dont remember the versionā€¦ But i have made a report also)

These days that red blinking line is blackā€¦ (Blinking speed is slow on video, ita because of frame rate issueā€¦ I used PC to record)


@Aswin_Benny Are you using an Android Emulator on PC by any chance? :thinking:

Nope. I had this issue in phone so i mirrored the screen to pc to avoid screen recording block

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Got it. Thanks for sharing this and letting us know @Aswin_Benny :slight_smile:
Weā€™ll have a look and get back to you.

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Sure :ok_hand::ok_hand: ā€¦ :ok_hand:

The issue started around the time i posted this

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@Aswin_Benny Could you let us know your device model and current app version too?

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Jupiter v1.5.38

Infinix hot 10s
6gb ramā€¦ 64gb internal
Mediatek helio g85
Android 11
720*1640 display

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Thanks a lot!

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