Single view for all my Bank, MF, Share, Insurance portfolio

Allow me to link all my Bank accounts including FDs and Loan account and also add my Mutual Fund account and Insurance, Shares, PMS and also real estate.

This will help me monitor my net asset and liability all in one place and track the movement of my money well. If categorised well, it’ll help me budget the finances well so that I am prepared well in advance for the next big expenditure.

And if I need to withdraw big money, it can suggest with fd to break or which MF or Share to sell.

You could integrate with Perfios for readily implementing this as they have the plumbing and categorisation readily made available for building new usecases on top.


Interesting idea. I had a similar view.

When you say Perfios, its mostly to make sense of the bank accounts right?

Indwealth does exactly this - they have fd, bonds, mutual funds, stocks. Check it out once. And recently they launched bank accounts as well.

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To add on to the @SandeshJ, money movement is very important.

If you can at least show me how much I owe and how many planned expenses that I will incur in this month (including that planned laptop which I want to purchase for my kid) thats a great start.

Currently I track on Google Keep (where I write all the expenses - basics : rent/household related, kid related like summer schools, school fee, extra gadgets, byju, games on xbox and luxury : pre planned like trips, TV upgrade) and because of misplanning I am not able to save enough for the house deposit.

^^ I am a developer and hence know that this can be easily pulled off.

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