“Show my Networth on Home Screen” toggle incorrect behaviour

On the accounts aggregator page, the toggle is showing opposite behaviour as to what is expected.

It shows my networth on the Home Screen when turned off. And hides it, when turned on.

Hi Arjun, can you check once again? We checked it at our end, and its working fine.

Still the same as the attached screenshot in the post.

@Arjun_Salyan Could you send us a recording if possible? you can upload it on Google Drive and share it with us on DM.

I tried the toggle as well. Wasn’t able to reproduce the opposite effect :blob_worried:

@Arjun_Salyan Nevermind. We were able to replicate it. Apparently, this is happening only on iOS devices. That’s what we’ve found so far. We will get this fixed :hammer_and_wrench:

Thank you for letting us know! We’d like to send you a :gift: in return!