Empty object on screen (?)

Home screen → Account Balance Tile

Calendar Icon with no text (?). The tapping action is working though - taking me to the “On-demand Salary” screen.

App Version: 1.6.9


Name: iPhone 13
Software: iOS 15.7
Model: MNGK3HN/A

Hey @Shawnpinto removing the screenshot as it had my number. Hope that works.

Hey @Aniket_Dutta Good find!

You’re right. That section shouldn’t be blank. The ODS text is missing :blob_think:
We’ll get this checked. I’ll ping you if anything comes up.

Thanks though :blob_thanks:

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@Aniket_Dutta Heyo, are you able to produce this repeatedly or was it a 1-time thing?
Have you tried to kill the app and open it again? Let me know.

@Shawnpinto, it’s a reproducible bug, at least on my side it definitely is. Also, hi. :smiley:

Oh hey!

So this is a confirmed bug. We’ll get this fixed soon. We’d like to give you a :gift: in return :slight_smile:

I’ll DM you.

Thanks for sharing this bug report, friend.

@Shawnpinto Look like his jupiter registered mobile number is showing in SS

That’s a coincidence haha, but UPI IDs are meant to be shared, no?

But not the personal number in publicy! It may lead the scammers to call you or spams msgs! will be filled :joy:! As mine is filled with 20K Msg


No! Oops, I didn’t notice that.
@CarolinMerces is right.

Hey @Aniket_Dutta could you check now? Let us know if it’s fixed.

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It is, @Shawnpinto!

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Thanks for confirming! :slight_smile:

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