Setting up Debit card pin

created account and after adding 300 rupees your app gave me free* debit card .
On set debit card pin option

  1. i wrote pin , re-entered to confirm
  2. it asked mpin
  3. something snapped , try again later popup
  4. same set debit pin page again
  5. wrote pin ,
  6. On re-enter it says hmm. this doesn’t match pin you entered earlier

stuck in this loop

Hai @LuckyPatel Welcome to the community.
I suggest you to try after some time and still the issue continues, please raise a support ticket either by using the chat option on the app or by mailing to
(Please note that MPIN and debit card pin is two different PINs and try entering debit card pin other than MPIN)

Hello Lucky,

We hear your concern. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We are connecting with you via DM to assist you further. Thank you.