Seperate Editable UPI Id for a pot account


I noticed that a seperate account number and ifsc is provided for pots account . If that is already done then,

  • The idea- Can we get a seperate Editable UPI Id for a pot account .

  • The problem it solves - Convenient to receive payment in a pre set pot, especially for new digital creators .
    The Editable option will take care of privacy .

  • How do you go about it solving right now? - For domestic use ,other payment apps where they provide option to edit upi id.

If a upi id can be attached to a specific pot account ,it will be a greatly useful feature .



The suggestion seems interesting. :grinning:

Yes, having the option to transfer money to specific pots from any account with the help of pot specific UPI ids without the need to access Jupiter and make individual deposits offers several advantages.

But even though on one side it have such positives, just imagine a customer having 5-10 different UPI ids for different pots. Doesn’t it become more complex and confusing? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

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@Jhaesque This is definitely an interesting idea. From an implementation perspective, it will be a nightmare.

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Just one pot with upi id option .

Too many options creates confusion .

As seperate account is already provided , it doesn’t seem too far fetched an idea.

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I cannot speak on behalf of developers . But as the app and its features are already quite futuristic , developing at leat one pot account with a upi id seems a possibility .

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Hey @Jhaesque !

  1. Editable UPI handle is a feature we haven’t picked up yet.
  2. Pots as a feature was never meant to be a payment method. It’s seen as a saving instrument.

Yes, but wouldn’t it be great to receive payment in your piggy bank . :smiling_face:

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100% I agree with you bro…the amount thus received may be saved for a long time in those pots. The amount receiving in our primary accounts have only a short lifespan :rofl:


@Shawnpinto @razack @yagnesh01

Koi toh daaliye is gumrah-e-khwaish ko roadmap me… much needed tbh☺️
…shared pot toh hum ne dekha avi roadmap me…ye v ek hota toh manzur-e-guzarish ho jata…:grin:

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