Security Alert

Ohh, will have to wait. Not sure anymore. :joy_cat: But OnePlus is sus.

I’m using android 12, i don’t have any issues.

Ah maybe Android 12.1 issue

Same, on Android 12 but having this issue.

@BeingIncog I just got the Oxygen OS 12.1 update too.
It worked out just fine for me :blob_think:

I had biometrics on. I tried to skip it by clicking on the white space, it asked me for the MPIN next. Couldn’t bypass it like you did.

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Btw yesterday same thing happened on OneCard app too. :cry: and it’s happening since.

If you click on the white space, you land on the MPin page, but if you click on the blue “USE MPIN” button on the fingerprint scanner card, it directly logs in.
Experiencing the same on the app’s of ICICI and HDFC Bank.

Interestingly, Fi works just fine

Even after clicking on the blue text on the fingerprint scanner card, asks for the Mpin :thinking:


Also I got pop-up after clicking exit pro setup. And clicked yes/confirm to exit.

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@BeingIncog Perfect! So it doesn’t show up again right? It might if you click on continue to pro again though.

I guess they settled now.

Oppofication happened. And amalgamation of oses.

Yes, its gone for now.

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this is now solved by recent OOS update from OnePlus I think.