Biometric Login Problem

I face problems when I try to open the app and have biometrics turned on. It behaves abnormally, it rejects my fingerprints most of the time

Cause According to me:
Permission requesting menu clashes with fingerprint screen when a user does not grant location permission to Jupiter app or set it to “only while using the app”.


  • Either don’t ask for permission as soon as the app is opened, in fact, the app shall not even as permission for the location once the user sets it to “only while using the app”
  • with the keypad used for entering mPIN, add the fingerprint option to the left of the zero key, as it is empty and will give users the option to open finger print scanner in case it is missed first time

Believe me its getting so much annoying that i have to enter mPIN each time after it rejects fingerprint

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