Jupiter app unlock with fingerprint doesn't work

My phone is one plus 9R for reference. I have enabled biometric login.

But it just doesn’t work. When I open the app, fingerprint dialog with all gray(and use pin button) - no highlighted fingerprint region. Even if I try so place it doesn’t unlock. FYI, i have not given location services so I get pop up always - maybe that is causing the issue

Just joined Jupiter and this is kinda weird - everything else is cool for now.

@annonymously_alive Heyo!
Is it possible for you to video record the fingerprint process from another device and share it with us? We’d like to see this.

You can DM it to me.

Facing same issue
Biometric login not working

@DigitaL Which device are you using? Could you also share the app version? :blob_think: