Secured CC with upi

Any FD backed CC with upi linking facility is there? I am a student and have decent Cibil score. I already have oneCard (secured) but I need a card for upi too!


I’m uncertain about that. A few credit cards backed by fixed deposits requiring a minimum deposit of 2000, include options like Onecard (you already have one), Paisabazaar Step Up card, IDFC WOW card, and more. But, at present, none support UPI linking

You can check the eligible cards/ banks from here.

Also, you can check some of the FD-backed CCs here.

Moreover, you can try Axis Kiwi if you are eligible (it’s unsecured)


I too haven’t heard any secured card that links with UPI :thinking:

I tried in Kiwi, got rejected :smiley:
Dug into it further, Pnb does offer a secured rupay cc, but it has little to no benefits except the upi part and 80% credit limit, so I guess will have to wait for a few months for something better to come up :confused:

@kartikeyyy Same with SBI. They offer secured CCs, but you will get only a 75% limit.
So no use. Yes, better wait for some months, who knows every card including OneCard start the UPI feature in the near future :grin: :+1:t2:


Kiwi rejected my application, saying they don’t serve my pin code.:confused: