Screen doesn't turn off when app is open

When I have the Jupiter app open and don’t touch the phone, the phone screen doesn’t turn off.

Is this on intention?

I just feel that the screen should go to sleep when unattended.

Can you please look into this?

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Hello @alexnazy , I never faced such issue.
It might be related to your particular device or setting.

In my cellphone, after lapse of predefined time, my screen locks out.

Maybe others can also confirm it.

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No such issue. The screen gets locked out after 30 seconds, which is set by me.
As @Manish2 pointed out, it has something to do with the device setting.
Kindly check the auto-screen off timer :+1:t2:

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I have the screen time out at 1 min.

So it’s not the reason for the screen not turning off when Jupiter is open.

Also I don’t have this issue with other apps.

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