Jupiter Keeps Locking and asking for fingerprint on a loop

So Tried to open the app as usual. been using Jupiter for quite a few months now. All of a sudden, it keeps asking for fingerprint whenever i click on something and lands back to the homepage?

effectively leaving the app non functional


Edit: Started working normally again…that was odd

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I have the same problem with faceid. How did you get yours to work again?

It just started working on it’s own. I cleared the Data & Cache and set up the app again but wasn’t working even after that. started working on it’s own

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seems the same for me

It’s some temporary technical issue,
Don’t’ worry, It would be back to normal soon :+1:t2:

@AARIM if it is solved, I suggest you close this thread by marking your post as “solution” :+1:t2:

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