SBI UPI Handles dead?

Is anybody else having same issues with SBI… :smiling_face_with_tear:


Not for one time or one day its shows same for multiple times and days…

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Tried accessing from the other UPI apps too? What’s the status there? :eyes:

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The issue is actually of SBI’s upi handles( like oksbi in gpay) there was same error for jupiter accnt also… I removed sbi handles and everything is normal now.

I think its time that we ditch sbi upi handles… I
removed oksbi handles in gpay and app started working fine :roll_eyes:… Issue is for all upi apps that uses SBI handles

Why didnt gpay bother to automatically switch to other handles like okaxis for upi transaction :thinking:. I had it all 4 (oksbi, okaxis, okhdfc, okicici)enabled

Not sure about this. Few self-transfer tests using @oksbi handles on Google Pay worked for me just now.

And, yes! If a certain UPI handle is not working or down, alternate handle if enabled should kick-in automatically.

Hopefully, with this upcoming redressal mechanism things would improve soon Fintech News Bytes - #21 by Binoy

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Looks like it got fixed…

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