Requesting Beta Invite

Please provide beta testing gmail :

We have stopped taking more interest on Beta and the above request form is now closed.
If you haven’t received access so far. Sign up on our Firstlist which closes tomorrow

Count me in…
I am interested in beta invite.

Pls Count me in. Have registered for Jupiter around 6-7 months back, but no invite until now.

@Jiten Please first onboard existing community members who are keen to join.
You have already changed onboarding process twice.
I was a silent peeker of the community since long and was in impression that firstlist position determine onboarding (my position below 500). Turned out that active community members would get invite first.
I joined the community and waited for few days. But then Jupiter started sending invites randomly and I am still waiting for invite.

Now again you are thinking of changing the on-boarding process.

If you are not existing federal account holder , you would have got invite. Pls write to

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Sir I am interested in beta invite.

Please revert on my email and community message sent to you for invite as told by @Jiten
Hope to have a wonderful journey to Jupiter soon.

Add me for beta version. I want to be a part of beta version also.

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Add me too to the list, eagerly waiting

They have closed the Beta invite and now they are rolling out in phases to those who have enrolled in the Firstlist.

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