📝 Request for Signature Updating Service ✍️

Dear Jupiter Team :saluting_face:,

I’m writing to request the addition of important features to your app: a signature updating service :sparkles:. As a Jupiter user, I’ve been impressed with the convenience and innovation of your platform as compared to other traditional banks :+1:.

However, I recently encountered a situation where I needed to update my signature and sign cheques :money_with_wings:, and I was disappointed to learn that Jupiter doesn’t currently offer these services :woman_shrugging:.

I recently updated my PAN card, and I wanted to make sure my signature was consistent across all of my financial documents :lock:. I also needed to sign cheques, and I was unable to do so as there was no sign-updating feature in the Jupiter app :pleading_face:.

In recent times Jupiter has also started to issue cheques to its customers, but those cheques are useless if we have forgotten our original signature which we had at the time of opening our account :rofl:, or perhaps we have changed our signature.

I understand that Jupiter is primarily a digital banking platform partnered with Federal Bank :handshake:t3:, but I believe that offering a signature updating service would be valuable addition for many of your users :smiling_face:.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe these services would be beneficial:

  • Increased security: Updating signatures regularly can help prevent fraud and identity theft :no_entry_sign:.
  • Convenience: Users would no longer need to visit a physical branch to update their signatures or sign cheques :bank:.
  • Improved user experience: These services would align with Jupiter’s commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly banking experience :grin:.

I believe that adding a signature updating service and cheque signing feature would be positive steps forward for Jupiter :rocket:. It would demonstrate your commitment to providing comprehensive financial services to your users and would enhance the overall user experience :100:.

Seeing these features near soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing this @umar :hyper_wave:
We’ll share this idea with the team and scope for it.


Thanks for considering my suggestion @Shawnpinto!!