Regarding Cred app

Hi guys,

I just installed Cred and its asking for access to my mail account.

How safe is it? How has been your experience?

And will it work if I make a new mail id for Cred and forward all credit card transaction mails to that id?


The app is built on the foundation of consumerism culture so wouldn’t really recommend the app if you actually want to save money. The only USP is the neumorphic design.

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Yesh, totally agree that Cred is based on pushing consumption culture. Cred coins are not of much use.

But I see a lot of utility in it as well. Cred Protect seems desirable. Option to add and manage multiple cards makes life easy. Credit score tracking helps as well. Also Cred Mint looks very promising.

Have no idea what neumorphic design is :thinking: But yes, UI is beautiful.

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Paytm rolled out credit card payments features sometimes back but yes it doesn’t have anything similar to CRED Protect.

I don’t really know the nitty-gritty of P2P lending and how safe it is. It’s not available to all users of CRED though.

But I’d suggest not giving your primary email access for CRED Protect. You can forward the emails to a burner address and link it.


Yeah… I’m also not inclined to give access to primary mail id. Will forwarding to burner mail work?

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Trying is always free

Thats a Good one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve been using Cred since a year. One of the greatest apps I have ever used, an absolute life saver. Managing and making payments for all my cards is now a breeze. UI is as majestic as it can get.

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How’s Cred Protect?

And have you given access to your primary mail id?

Cred Protect feature is good because they remind me my bill is generated and if I will not pay then how much interest will charge by the Bank.

Cred Coin is the Most useful thing using my coin I have earned 2K and I got free goodies using the coin.

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Yes I have given access to my primary email.

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If the purpose is just to pay bills, I guess you can still avoid giving the email permission. For me, it reads the SMS but again that can also have confidential info. So, see what you feel is lesser of the 2 evils :sweat_smile:


Agreed… permission to read sms is also intrusive. But too many apps need and demand it, so somehow I don’t have much discomfort.

Cred is the first one to demand access to mails. So I’m not sure about it. I also want to enable Cred protect.

For now, I have setup a separate mail id for Cred with auto forwarding of credits card mails. Lets see how it goes.


What is the special feature of cred protect? I don’t have it enabled and I get all the payment reminders. So, what do you miss if you don’t enable it?

“CRED is also equipped with the CRED protect feature which is an AI backed system that keeps track of every single nuance of a credit card payment journey - right from due date reminders, spend patterns and other card usage statistics.”

One use case that I experienced is… Cred protect found out that I am charged yearly fee on my credit card.

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I don’t know much about Cred Protect, because haven’t used it yet :man_shrugging:

Only what they advertise and good reviews from users.

@alexnazy and @CarolinMerces gave one here.

Ok, you will still get payment reminders even if you don’t give email access. If you anyway pay the complete credit card bill, see if knowing about the interest charges are relevant or not. I clear off the complete bills, so this interest thingy feature is irrelevant for me but I still get notified about it for some reason, don’t know how much accurate it is.
Also, I sometimes pay my credit card bills using mobikwik, paytm and whenever that amount is credited to my credit card account, the same amount gets adjusted in my total bill as external payment. If you have got a credit card, the MITC document is sufficient and like @alexnazy mentioned about one of the features, I guess you would come to know about it from MITC. MITC will also have info about the interest charges.

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Yes. Cred tracks the payment credit SMS from the credit card company and asks if you had made the payment outside of Cred and adjusts the amount accordingly. It’s convenient to track how much you have paid and how much is pending.

On a separate note, for me Axis doesn’t send the amount credit confirmation SMS. So Cred doesn’t track the outside payments for my Axis credit card.

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Ok, thanks. I have not experienced this with axis but with one of my amex cards. I have 3 amex cards and get the notification for 2 cards but not for the 3rd one. Maybe because it is a charge card. BOB also started this notification thingy but cred somehow doesn’t track it.

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Man the UI is so good. I might want to use CRED only to open the app, scrolling through the app and closing it. :joy::joy: