Recharge Failure Screen Bug

I understand that the feature may not be available to all members yet, but I wanted to bring this issue to the attention of the relevant team so that it can be addressed in the next update.

If any member with the Prepaid Recharge Facility access follows these steps they will get this recharge failed screen. However, the screen does not provide any explanation for the failure (e.g., wrong MPIN), which can cause confusion for the account holder.

Go to Payments>Mobile Prepaid>Select Number>Select Plan> Pay Using Jupiter Balance>Recharge>If entered the wrong MPIN> Recharge Failed Screen

I cannot confirm if the same issue occurs with other types of bill payments, such as electricity or water bills, as I currently do not have any pending bills of that nature. Therefore, I am unable to verify and provide information on whether the same issue happens to other bill payment categories also.

This seems to be either a user specific or operator issue. I recharged my Jio number and the recharge was successful

Sir, please enter a wrong mpin and see whether you get this same recharge failed screen or not, that too without highlighting the reason of failure (ie. wrong mpin entered).
That is what I am trying to say. Also, sir, I suggest editing that response, since it contains personal information like mobile number

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Same as yours. Agree, if the MPIN is incorrect, it can be displayed as a reason as it is internal to Jupiter app.

So you are suggesting that there should be more than 1 attempt available in case mpin is wrong by mistake

No, no. His suggestion the reason for the transaction being unsuccessful should be displayed

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It shows the reason but you need to tap on the transaction details that is the arrow mark besides the recharge amount on the error page.
It will show an error page of this kind

And yes other bills also have the same failure page.
So if they can show the reason of the failure in short on the first error page it would be helpful


Thank you bro for providing the information and confirming that the same issue applies to other bill payments as well. The current design seems to hide the reason for the failure, which can confuse users. Additionally, I’m interested to know what happens if a customer attempts an incorrect pin multiple times, say 3-4 times.

Yes, absolutely…Just look at google pay, we can see the error message like “Incorrect pin” on the screen itself along with the warning to reset the pin after 3 incorrect attempts.

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any use of jio topup balance

I think it can be utilised to buy data pack. Maybe used to call chargeable numbers and international call ( I am not sure)

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