Recent payments can be shown while opening UPI scanner

For ease of payments, recent payments tab can be shown while opening UPI scanner

Hey @Aravind_S_Kumar ,

This is interesting. Quite curious to find out why do you prefer having a recent payments tab while you’re opening the UPI scanner to make a payment. Let us know the use case here.

I miss this feature everytime I go to my nearby kirana or the daily tea stall.
Opening “scan and pay” shortcut rather than the whole app has got into muscle memory[also it feels faster] . But I would rather not scan the same QR code at the same place again and again. Especially, when there are a lot of people nearby, it becomes a hassle just to show my camera to the QR code.
Another thing I’ve noticed is Jupiter’s QR code scanning is slightly slower than GPAY and it doesn’t scan the code when shown obliquely.
So a list of payees, we’ve saved, at the “scan and pay” screen would be really helpful.


This! QR recent payees would be awesome. There are merchants that I visit frequently, and scanning the QR code every time is a chore.

Something like this? :thinking:
This isn’t out yet but we’re checking the possibility to add recent payees in the QR scanner.