Quest for Metal 💳

well since the secret is out already, here is what a comet may look like…


But how do you collect one? The answer is rather simple if you think deeper :wink:

And…no more sneak peeks for you @Shawnpinto :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When it will be live

By using debit card :joy::joy:

I got the accor membership. But don’t think it is worth that money. Wish for that metal card instead of this :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: :cry_cat:


It says that the team will contact in 48 hrs but even after 3 days there is no response from them :joy::joy:.

Hi…how many total moons u had collected?

As I said earlier, there should be some sort of luck draw (as in the case of iPhone contest) and should collect minimum number of gold moons, say 3 or 5, to be eligible. By setting the ‘spending limit’ as the criteria, it automatically kicks out the middle income category like me :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Anyway congrats to the winners :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :space_thumb: :space_thumb: :space_thumb: :space_thumb:


whats the point of the lucky draw if there is no transparency ??they wont announce the winner name saying privacy issue


There is no winner then how they will announce the name? Jupiter staff is itself winner!


@CarolinMerces Nope, none of us won :cry:
There’s a winner right here on this thread. He’s not a part of the Jupiter team, but a community member :blob_sweat:

This event is fake they said i won the accor membership in the app and said they will contact me within 48 hrs.
No one contacted till today .
Yesterday i asked this to the support team .
They said they will contact…
Today when I look the quest for metal event banner is also removed.
I think they are fooling us all .


Ya i won the accor membership but no one contacted me or anything else .
Just shown a banner in the app that’s all nothing else.


Hey @alan735, apologies for this experience. This is not what we wanted you to go through. We were setting up some things at our end which led to this delay but we’ll definitely make it worth it. You’ll receive a communication from us tomorrow regarding the next steps for the Accor Membership & all the details will be conveyed. We will also be calling all the winners personally this week.

Rest assured, we will be delivering the promised rewards of Jupiter Metal Debit Card & Accor Membership to the 10 respective winners each in due time.

Mene bhi accor membership jiti hai lekin mujhe bhi koi call nahi aaya , next time se main to koi quest main participate hi nahi karunga…very bad experience with jupiter

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We’ve added almost all the suggestion provided here on this thread.
Can’t wait to show you how v2 looks!


This. I would absolutely love a metal card, but I prefer not to jump through hoops to get one. Is it expensive than the regular card to make? Yes. Is it impossible to make? No.

When i first saw the banner for this competiton, all I could think of was “Interchange fees go BRRRRRR”. Jupiter sure made a ton of money with this.

Hope the next games are more…… exciting.


@nateavi Thats my question whenever i am paying through a payment gateway those people are taking more amount as gateway fees… I payed 80k i once and they took 1000rs approx as fees.

Is there a hack to gateway fees other than rupay card and upi?


Not to my knowledge no. UPI forces nil interchange charges so people can use it ubiquitously. So for Jupiter (and other banks) to make money, they need to encourage debit card spends (which is on the wane).


how many moons have you earned in total ?

More than 300

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