Quest for Metal 💳

I hope…quest for metal 2…is for top 100 or more and not just top 10…if it’s top10…i won’t even bother trying for it :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Bhai itne mat kiya kar yr , hum garibo ka fir kya hoga

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Bhai kisi ko mila or top 10 ki list kab aayegi

12 Good moons and no Metal card lol

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Smells fishy to me. If the bar is soo high guess I won’t be participating in version 2. Do they expect us to spend 5lakhs or what lol.


Better to just accumulate points/miles in credit card rather than the claimed 5k worth metal card.


Bhai 40 kaise kar liya yr, mene to 20 gold moon kiye the

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Koi koi tarika hai metal debit card lene ka

You spent approx 6 Lakhs for the metal card?


There were 10 Metal Cards to be be given, if 30 moons were not enough for one of the user to get the Metal card I doubt the bar is too high for me to compete in Future competitions

Hey everyone @here! It is finally the end of the first ever Quest for Metal. The results have been announced on the app yesterday.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t announce the names of the winners here due to privacy issues. But we seem to have a Metal Debit Card winner among us right here. Congratulations @ca.amit for winning the METAL! :confetti_ball: :credit_card: Anyone else who has won here?

And and and…we have heard you. We want everyone to participate, play and win. Stay tuned for the next version. It’s bigger, exciting, much more rewarding and full of surprises! And it’s coming soon! Pour in your inputs for the next version, we have an eye out here.

Other top 50 ko koi charge de kar mil sakta hai kya? , Mere 20 the gold moons

Can you post the number of Moons accumulated by all the winners, I meant all moons not just Gold Moons for both the Metal card and Accor membership


Introduce Leaderboard for the next quest.

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RIP to those who went on a spending spree for a card worth 5k… :upside_down_face:

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I hope the next QFM has a leader board and the latest gives meta cards to the top 100 or its not worth trying …otherwise I will buy or design a Jupiter-themed skin and apply it on my ONE Card metal card…one card provides the metal card to almost everyone …and their event was more rewarding. i hope QFM-2 will give competition to the one card event

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Well, I believe eventually the metal card will trickle down as a option for a certain segment of people like pro or pro salary users for a price.
Yes being competitive for the winning card has its perk and sense of achievement.
But at the end of day people who are having the kind of money to be a top spender might already have “metal” cards from other banks. The value of winning a jupiter metal card for them would not be the same as a person who has not used a metal card yet.


2 gold moons and still didn’t win metal card :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

for the current NOTHING event will there be any announcement of winners or the Jupiter team gonna say due to privacy issue we will not revel the winner list.? @Shawnpinto

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