Quest for Metal 💳

Is the quest for metal pro edition started or not ?
If started it is not showing for me.

Not Yet

@alan735 @Hasil It’s not live yet!

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Any update on SNEAK PEAK?

@here Hello! So after much wait, Quest for Metal PRO Edition is LIVE on the app. So get your sleeves rolled up and let’s play! :partying_face:

You should be able to see a card on the Home Page as well in the Rewards section to access the game. If you’re still not able to access it, you can use this link.

The sneak peak of the Metal Card will be coming your way on Monday!! :credit_card:

Whether spending on debit card includes adding money to wallets like Amazon, Paytm…?

Why does it still show “Upgrade to Pro” even though I’m already a Pro?

How to get metal card directly. Other than spend this, pay this bill, buy this etc stuff


On clicking the link for the challenge I am getting a something snapped screen.

Already a Pro Member but still getting an error
See screenshot for reference!

Can someone help me in this?

Yep. Even I’m seeing the same issue.

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I think this will unlock if you remain a Pro member even at the end of January…

On clicking the link for the challenge I am getting a something snapped screen.

Yeah similar issue with the unlock to pro.
Most likely a software bug.

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Hey @Bijaysahubs, this is not an error screen. It just says that the jackpot is yet to be unlocked.

Since the jackpot is for the user to be PRO in February, it will be unlocked when your PRO status for February will be decided.

You need not worry about this if you’ve already maintained your NRV above 10k for this month. On the other hand, we’ll definitely explore how we can better solve this in the game.


Contests aside, I’d love to pay for a premium metal card.

Name your price, ya filthy capitalists!! :smile:


Same here. I don’t want to spend because of some contest.

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Also a suggestion from my end. Can you provide some differentiation even within Pro members? Say for example if someone maintains NRV below 1 lac they can have their stars and comets doubled and if someone maintains more than that then stars and comets can be tripled.
Just a thought.

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I also would pay for the METAL ONE

I know it’s contest …

But why we have to spends for just a card …

If you assign one time fee for the metal card …

Not everybody wants metal card as Gift.
Rather other prize is more sensible.
And for the contest ,Assign same amount J or other prizes…

I never carry card on my wallet,
I Use NFC for credit card :credit_card: payments in shops ,or Upi …

Having a metal card is two days enjoyable product after that it’s just a card …sometimes ignoed in table drawer…:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue:

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