Query regarding Trip money forex card

I came across this Trip money cash card which i a forex card available through Make My Trip app. Its says there are basically no charges except if u check balance on atms or withdraw cash. There are no forex charges or annual / renewal charges as per what i saw. It also gives lounge access and free mmt black membership and other benifits.

Does anyone know about this card. And is it as good as it seems or are there hidden clauses and cons of this.


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do you have any links for the relevant product page ?

I have tried to find stuff on this but wasn’t able to find anything other than what is available on the Make my trip app.

The card offering company travel money has a android app but it is not available on play store and u have to get download link from their website.
And even the app doesn’t show this card.

So at this point its just available on the Make up trip app, you can click forex on homescreen of app or go to trip money section and click on forex card from there.

This card is offered by sbm bank.

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