Purchase DigiGold but not showing in account

I purchased digi gold on 12-August, but that was not reflected on my account. I raised an issue with customer support and am still waiting for a solution. I am chasing them on a daily basis and they asked me to wait for 24 hours and this is what I listen to on a daily basis. Also I can’t see my purchase gold, Anyone can help me with this please? Ticket number - #2319822

Welcome to the community @ASHISH_GUPTA ,

As you have raised a ticket, appropriate team must be looking into it. Sometimes, things like this takes time.

I will suggest you to wait and stay in contact with the support team. You can contact support team on Chat, mail & call [e-mail: support@jupiter.money or call at 08655055086 (available 9am - 9pm) ]

Hopefully they will resolve issue soon.

Thank you for your reply @Manish2 but issue is support team asked that issue will resolve on 17-August but still its not resolving. Daily they asked for time but no response yet, I set up daily basis purchase gold. Amount is deducting but gold is not showing. I can’t stop that as well because on gold summery page in app error is showing from last 3 days (something snapped). You suggest me what I need to do. Only they are asking that tech team is working and when we get response will update you.

@Shawnpinto will help you on this.

checking on this, @ASHISH_GUPTA


There was a technical issue with our partner which impact a few users temporarily and they were unable to see the gold dashboard. The issue has been fixed last night and you would be able to see your Gold balance now. You have also received Gold for each of your SIP transactions, so these should reflect in your balance.

Our apologies for the issues you faced last week, please check and let us know if it’s working fine for you now.


Thank you @Aastha for your help. But this is not resolved yet. I only receive 11-Augest Gold which I purchased, But From 16-Augest to 20-Augest SIP gold still not reflected on yet on my account. Please sort this as well.

Hi Ashish,

I just rechecked. I can see your SIPs executed for 16th to 20th also. Let me know if the issue persists, a screenshot of txn history will help.

Hello Aastha

Please check the attach images as you requested.

Hello @Aastha

Can you please advise me on this, I shared all the details with you.

Hi Ashish,

Yes, I’m checking why you’re not able to see the transactions in your txn history. All your SIPs of Rs.200 each between Aug 16 and 20 are showing as successful on our side.

Will get back soon, appreciate your patience!

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@Aastha I want to notice a thing that I didn’t received the mails regarding SIP between aug 16 to 20 and I was keep on eye on Digi gold and that was not increased as well in this time duration so no Did gold is reflected.

Hi Ashish,

Just checked again, this should be fixed now. Sorry about the delay from our side, can you please check and confirm if the transactions are showing in your history?
The SIP txns from 16th to 20th will all show today’s execution date.

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Hello @Aastha

Issue is sorted now. I’ll keep eye on this and will check the past transactions as well. If anything I got will reach you back.

Thank you for your support.


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