Pro-DigiGold campaign winners 🎉

Hello everyone! :wave:

The Pro-DigiGold campaign has reached its finale, thank you all for participating.
As promised, we’ve got some big news to share with you. We’re pleased to announce the 250 winners who have won free Digital Gold worth ₹1,001!

21 of those winners are from our very own community! :partying_face:
Drumroll please…


Congrats, you're now officially PROs! 🥳

Not only have you saved ₹10,000, but you’ve also unlocked the ultimate prize: free Digital Gold! It’s like striking gold, only better.

We’ve sent out emails to all 250 winners. :e-mail:

And to all the other participants, don’t feel left out! You may not have won a prize, but you still came out on top. By participating, you’ve become PROs and have saved ₹10,000 in the process! You’ve built some serious saving habits, and that’s no small feat.

Here’s what you get with Jupiter PRO: 🎁

  • Earn up to 250 Jewels/month on Debit Card & UPI purchases
  • Unlock exclusive offers on your favorite brands
  • Zero Forex Fee on Debit Card transactions (up to ₹25,000/month)

Stay tuned for more exciting updates with Jupiter PRO! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @somyasinha , but who’s that 1 lucky winner though

I also want to know :new_moon_with_face: