Pots email notification

I don’t want to get email notification when I add money to pots, even i have offed mail notification still am getting notified in through email, please stop email notification.


It may be some temporary technical issue.
Even after turning off the email notifications, if you are still getting the emails and you don’t need those, try blocking them from your Gmail. (Block Jupiter Option) (Not at all recommended for safety purpose as it disables future alerts too)

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Kottam, i hope you have reported this via the support channels. Cannot stress enough the importance of ensuing these issues get reported


To be honest, it wouldn’t be right to disable pots related emails.
These are transactions. They need to be documented, it’s good for all stakeholders.

The turn-off emails toggle in settings would apply to promotional emails I believe. (Need to check once)


Oh yeah I also find that annoying so I mark them as spam