(Poll of the week) Money Management for June? 📊

Hello again! :hyper_wave:

Since June has just begun, it’s usually the time for you to interact with your finances again. :blob:
Though almost everyone does it on a daily basis, some activities like - paying bills, budgeting for the month, and investments, happen during the first/mid/end of the month.

If you had to prioritize how you had to interact with money for June? How would you do it?

Eg - Looking at my spending behaviors > Budget > Clear bills > Save.

Or would you:

Eg - Clear bills > Budget > Check past spends > Save.

So, what’s your first action?

  • Had to clear bills (Rent, Medical, EMIs, etc)
  • Had to invest (FDs, Pots, etc)
  • Check past spends, then action for June
  • Something else? Comment below

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If you have other ways of utilising your finances, or the tools that help you with this, share some tips with us! :grin:


for me checking past trends is necessary as it helps make adjustments to the existing month’s budget


This is literally me after clearing all the bills and EMIs from 1st to the 5th of every month :grin: :grin:

Thought, I was only the one who went for the “Had to clear bills” Option in the Poll. Happy to see we are winning by a huge margin :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :laughing: :laughing:


Khawaish - Looking at my spending behaviors > Budget > Clear bills > Save.

Haqiqat - Had to clear bills :cry:

Hazaro khwaishe aisi ki har khwaish pe dam nikle…:pensive::smiling_face:

As for tools , for last few months I am trying to analyse all expenses old school way with pen and paper. I use axio app. It helps but the tags and categorisation needs to be reconciled. Like some self transfers get marked as spends.

Jupiter insights is also helpful . I believe it will improve over time.

I have made some small pots in Jupiter .
Also the Jump deposit feature provided by Fi seems to be best right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting. Going pen and paper method is fine but is it something that an app can’t do?
If yes, what is it?

Gotta check this.

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Axio is one of the most user friendly expense tracking app on Android. Sad they don’t offer an IOS version. The best part is auto update of transactions from the SMS alerts (bank account and credit card) making expense tracking less cumbersome


I’m using the app called Money Manger. I must say it’s also a good app


I am just concerned about providing SMS access to these 3rd party apps for expense tracking and have come across an article today where a person’s gmail was hacked and OTP’s which received on mails were used to make fraudulent transactions.

If a person is making all the transactions in cash, Jupiter is the best thing for spends tracking.
Hands down for this to the team @Shawnpinto.

@specter Second your observation on the tracking capability of Jupiter.

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I’m also not comfortable to give transactional SMS access to any third party apps. But, the Money Manger app doesn’t require any access, you’ve to manually enter all the entries.

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It’s a matter of choice. I am okay with the access to transactional messages as there is very little one take off it.

For me first comes Financial Offers to grab, then followed by clear bills and debts. I will then take into consideration of any expected purchases or expenses. Only after the above and I find any free money, I’ll stash it into an FD or investment.


Oh…any ideas which apps have been found to be doing such things, I literally give Read permission to all my apps :sweat_smile:.

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Jupiter not support all banks CC, too much disappointed

Hi team,

I usually go about paying up all the bills first (cc, maintenance, house help, water etc). After that, I only do my observation or comparison at the end of the month to see how I have spent in total this month with the previous.

I use an app called Money Manager and it’s simple, very flexible and friendly. All my transactions are put in manually, some may say it’s hectic but I have been using it for more than a year now and it doesn’t feel like some extra work.

The categories are adjustable plus you get good graphical insights on spends. All my spends from ccs, bank transfer, card, upi and cash are all in one place. It’s very helpful. Available on both android and ios.


Thanks for sharing @iimashfaaq !

Almost everyone uses Money Manager nowadays huh.

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Same here too. Money moneger helps me specify the expense. Like in the category of food , i may be buying noodles or biscuits. I could specify what it was.

I found the the category that drained my money more last month using money manager. What I did was simply change the variety of product I was having regularly. If i could maintain it then it’s possible for me to reduce that expense on that category by half. :slightly_smiling_face:

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