Category based transactions tracking previous months(more than 2 months)

Jupiter app is great for me to check my budget and see where I am spending money. Its auto category is lifesaver. It saves me from manual budgeting.

Only issue is I can only see the budget for current month and past month.

Is there way to see transactions for previous months too?
With ast limit being one year?

Or maybe give the user the ability to download the category-based budget that I see in Money tab as an excel sheet at the end of month. That way I could manually save it.

Essentially I can only track my expenses for current and past month.
I would like to have the ability to do that for past month too. Either in app itself or by downloading my down data in excel sheet for past months.

I just want to track my expenses and do budget with year in mind.

I hope this can be done. It would really help out a lot.

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Hey @amol11 - thanks for the feedback. You’re right, on the “Money” tab, we have given filter to see upto last month’s data, but infact, you can view the insights you said, for longer than just 2 months.

If you click on “spends” in your monthly cashflow, it opens up a screen with bar graphs depicting spends across multiple months extending upto 12 months in the past.
You can do the same for your investments/pots and incoming transactions as well.
Do check it out and let us know if this helps.

We are working on making this discovery easier - soon you’ll be able to see all of this data right upfront, for any time frame you want!
We will also try to incorporate your feedback about making this download-able!