What is your favorite budgeting app and why?

I started out with Walnut. Never did I ever receive proportional SMS, however post installing Walnut, spams in the sms box crossed 10 per day. How has your experience been and what alternate applications do you guys use?

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A Walnut user myself. 🙋 I hadn’t noticed the uptick in SMS spam but you might have a point there! Apart from that, the app doesn’t seem to work too well on more recent versions of Android. I think it has to do with the OS not allowing background activity, so 1) I have to remember to check into the app from time to time, and 2) if I open it after a long time, I have to wait for a while as it goes through my SMS (which takes longer if I haven’t checked in in a while).

I’ve also heard some people vouch for Wallet.

Mine is spending tracker! It requires manual inputs but I like it because of its simplicity, expense categorisation features and charts.

For me its manual excel. I track on a higher level how much my investments are made, how much my fixed expenses are (I can’t do much about these other than say changing my flat so that I pay less rent) and other category is discretionary spends (usually travel, parties, shopping).

Another thing that I do is calculate pre hand on how much expenses / investments are for a month and allocate money for the same as soon as I receive my salary so that I exactly know how much I can spend on discretionary spends each month.

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Just like @sahil-sorathiya , been using Excel/Google Sheet to track both budgets and expenses. It is not accurate by any means but gives me a rough idea how much I am spending and how much I can cut down.

Quarterly I do a further deeper review to actually see where the money was spent and how much I saved.

@Manyaa You might want to check out Savemo (https://www.savemo.app)
We are a privacy-focused Wealth Management app. We solve a bunch of problems not solved by Walnut without compromising on your privacy.
Disclosure - I’m one of the co-founders.

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Just a corollary to this question - is budgeting the same as expense tracking?

I haven’t come across an app that helps me set and track budgeted spends through the month.

Well, Gopi, seems there are no slots available on savemo.app. got an SmS saying I’m on waiting list :unamused:

Nayakanti Prashant

@sahilsorathia I am a bit less disciplined with my spends so I go one step further - I first transfer the amount for investments into a separate account from where the SIPs /RDs are set. And I pay my rent and utility bills immediately. What’s left is money for discretionary spends and CC bills.

We are on a very limited Beta as of now. Rolling it out to more folks by the end of next week :sweat_smile:

I would be interested in Beta as well

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Can you sign up on the website?
Will make sure it’s rolled out by end of next week.

@karn21 I agree with you. There are two different things

  1. Make Budgets
  2. Track expenses

Right now no app enforces the 1st one.

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Copilot is the best expense tracker available till date.

Available in US only for now.