Payments Tab: Options Hidden/Unreachable

The bottom row of the icons on the orange background is unreachable for me. I can’t slide the white section any further down to reveal them.

Clicking on those half-hidden items works though, but they are not visible completely.

This is on iOS v 1.6.9

Oh no! You’re unable to slide the white tray? we’ll have a look at this one

@Shawnpinto I’m also facing this issue in my android. You can see it in this video too. In my case it might be because of the aspect ratio. Lab test #7 - Revamped Payments tab! - #36 by Avocadorable

Yes, it is broken. Tried reinstalling the app, no success. I am on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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Hey @Arjun_Salyan this was a known issue and we’ve just fixed it. Can you check now and let us know? :blob_thanks:

@Avocadorable You too. Lemme know.

Hold up, looks like it was fixed but it’ll go out in the next release.

Still the same for me. Tried restarting the app, hard stop etc.

Oh and it was working fine till yesterday for me.

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The new release should be out next Wednesday with the fix. You should be able to slide the tray then. Could you check it again post next release?

@Shawnpinto This bad interface has now been brought back. It is totally useless. I wonder why your designers love it so much. What was the problem with the interface that was in the previous version? I hate that person who designed it, the scrolling white stripe irritates me. Why you have implemented it

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Hello, is anyone here

@The_But Hey, you have a lot on your mind for the payments tab and the app design/UI in general. Do you want to join us in a team call? We’d like to hear you out.


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