Payments Tab 'Do more on Jupiter' layout needs change

In the Payments Tab there is ‘Do more on Jupiter’ layout which can be dragged. When its dragged above its accommodates whole screen but it should also allow to collapse(as of now ‘Do more on Jupiter’ occupies half of Payments Tab by default). Because recently paid section under Do more on Jupiter anyway will have huge entries which cannot be shown unless dragged above. So showing Do more on Jupiter half of screen isn’t serving purpose.

@Shawnpinto ye vahi kahna chaah rahe hai jo maine payments tab ke baare mein aapse kahna chah raha tha. Payments tab us safed patti ke bina bahut achha lagta hai. Us safed patti ko hata do apni team ko bolo ki vo jyada kalakari na dikhaye.
Note :- angrezi anuvad khud kare.

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