Replace the Pro/Help button from the Bottom navigation bar

One of the best banking experiences is when the bank doesn’t try to be in your face and push products and schemes. A no-nonsense approach like how Fi has achieved.
With Jupiter’s Bottom navigation bar having the ‘Pro’ button it feels like Jupiter is trying to hard sell things here. It serves no banking function. It would be helpful to get it out and instead have some really useful features like Budgeting there.

Below is an example of what the nav bar can be:
Home | Money | Budget | Payments | Card

Hey! @gauravsk

We’re still experimenting how and where we should place our pro section.
Since there will new features and offerings in the coming months, the Nav bar, quick access and UI will change over time.

Can you suggest a good spot for keeping the pro and the help tab though? :grin:

Oh and, you mentioned these for the Nav bar. I wanted to understand why you have separated Budget and Money here.


Hey! @Shawnpinto

Great hearing back from you! This is the first community I have ever seen to be so active. Kudos to y’all.

  1. I think the position for the help section depends on whether you have tons of requests flowing in. The ideal spot would be in the hamburger menu. But if people are frequently facing major issues in payments and operating the app, it could be placed near the ‘Jewels’ icon in the home tab so it’s easily accessible(I guess it is already there).

  2. I see the Money tab as a money mapping place. where I could track all my money from various bank accounts, investment instruments, and liabilities. Somewhat like how IndMoney has done. I would go there to see my net worth, and how my investments are performing, or as a pro user to check my balance sheet or profit&loss statement. Whereas budgeting is a totally different thing than that. Most budgeting apps fail because they have problem tracking payments and a lot of manual work is needed. I see the potential for Jupiter to solve this with what you have right now. You can take a look at Copilot. Their app is amazing and the budgeting part of it is absolutely mind-blowing.

So in short, the home page will be for a holistic view, money tab to map all my assets and liabilities, budgets to take control of my money.

Also, the cards section could be useful if we can add other credit and debit cards, create virtual cards for one-time use and see their rewards system within Jupiter. Also, Jupiter could suggest the best payment method to get the best offer possible.