Payment tab gets a revamp 🛠️

Cool. Can’t wait for it to go live. Hopefully we get early access to grab our usernames :wink:

mobile no. update was promised in July 21 by Jiten and it is not likely to come anytime soon!!!


I told na😂 they just ignore the feedback so its better for everyone don’t give the any kind of feedback or any feature request. Because they don’t care who are you. Kyuki


I suppose they prefer to burn cash on customer acquisition rather than improving the app… More customers means more money for promoters if/when they cash out.

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Hi why don’t you give an option to pay bills like recharge, electricity, ott etc.


Adding this thread here - The idea for URL/ID for receiving payments - Jupiter Payments Page

Do you remember using xender app? They have a button in centre called transfer . On clicking that button, two floating button appears named “send” and “recieve”.

Now banking part.

Send button gets you to a page with tabs on top. The tabs are:

  1. QR code scanner
    2.UPI id manually typing
  2. Bank transfer with ifsc and accnt number
    4.Debit card details

1,2,3 options could have recently payed suggestion or could have a seperate tab for it

Recieve button gets you to a page with tabs. Tabs are:

  1. Show our QR code and UPI id
  2. Show our bank details

It could be better if the tabs in send button has recieveing feature also. Like scan qr could have a icon that shows our qr code and so on. :joy:


Adding @Chetu_7001 's suggestions here :point_down:t4:


For example you can change the theme to something darker. Atleast have such an option, while maintaining your color profile.

For instance- deep and dark green as the background and keep the orange as title color.

Everything is getting darker. Our mobile default theme,.Jupiter must not be a contrast to the dark movement.


Same as I want in point no. 22 (List of ideas). I think demand is increasing constantly.

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  1. Payment confirmation using fingerprint.

  2. Chatbox like payee list, as in Phonepe. Useful to see previous transactions n send small msg.

  3. Instead of recent payee, give option to pin user selected payee.

  4. Customisable self upi Id.

  5. Change animation n sound of payment screens.


Too much to catch up on lol

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Suggestions from @kiranhotkar

Link to post.
Great suggestions! Will pass this on to the team.


Good idea :+1:
UPI (rules and regulations) doesn’t allow so much of tracking , as per my knowledge.


Adding the self transfer feedback from @Mukesh_kumar_Bharti here.
We are picking this up.

Also folks, changes/ revamps are done in bits and pieces for the Payments tab. You’ll see small changes once in a while.


First, there should be a passbook that will tell you what and where you spend and after spending certain amount how much balance left by spending that amount.

Second, balance icon/option should be hide inside networth, because any other person can see our balance while making payment in shop.

Third, dark theme should be applicable on home screen of the Jupiter app.

Fourth and most important, optimization while switching from one icon to other should be more stable and non laggy.


Heyo! @Mithilesh Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

  1. Something like this? - Few Features Request - #10 by nareshk
  2. We do have a hide balance toggle on the AA feature page. You can disable it.
  3. We’ll be showcasing dark mode for few screens to the community for starters.
  4. Are you talking about the category for transactions? It does take a second or less to get it updated. Hope I got it right.
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@here There’s an update here.

Now that we’ve moved the Cards section to the bottom main tabs, here’s a new look for the debit card page.

You no longer need to scroll down for additional settings. It’s a button on the right side.

There is a slight revamp for the card settings too. More rounded edges yay! :party_parrot:


@Shawnpinto i like the new cards page :ok_hand::ok_hand:. Its really cute :zap:

@here We revamped the payments tab! Check it out - Lab test #7 - Revamped Payments tab!

It’s available for Jupiter lab testers as of now. It should be live for everyone else in the coming weeks.

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