OTP not received

Hi I was trying to do payment online in UK college website for visa. I did not get OTP. Has anyone faced this issue.? I have raised complaint to Jupiter team and they are looking into it. But can any one suggest me what needs to be done. Deadline of payment is today

Was the transaction successful ?

If yes, its quite common that certain international websites do not require OTPs, as its not required in those countries.
I have had made payments to international companies like steam and did not receive an OTP SMS.
That is why it is recommended to keep international transactions off most times and only activating it when necessary.


If the website requires an OTP and you did not receive it then, check with your network connection, see if you are able to recieve SMS.
Other than that ask jupiter support team for help i think you did that already.


Thanks for your inputs. Issue resolved. I had an alternate option to get OTP via email. Thankfully that saved me as I received OTP over mail. But still I am puzzled why I am not getting OTP in SMS. My network is really good. I am getting all other messages, calls. I am using new phone. Anyways thanks !!


Have you received any Info from the customer care yet ?:thinking: