Option of choosing metal or plastic cards

Dhani wallet:
Load money and you can use only for shopping.
Then you’ll get 1% reward in Wallet.
Jupiter , Use and get 1% in account ( no expiry etc)

  1. If you’ve urgently Wallet to bank transfer takes 3% .

  2. Adding in other Wallet like Paytm is also Chargeable ( about to 3%)

1 year Validity, Less acceptable compared to Paytm . So better to use Jupiter/LazyPay/Credit Card


The biggest problem with Jupiter is that the cash back is limited to Rs. 150 and is limited to some transactions.

I maybe wrong, but I think the salary pro account ups that cash back limit

But how many people have Jupiter as their salary account?

If you are looking for CashBack then -

  1. Jupiter ₹150/₹600 ( Jems for normal a/c).

  2. Any 5x/10x Reward Credit Card
    ( I use oneCard , in 2 category of spending get 5x Points. means on each spend of ₹100 I get 10 point =₹1).

  3. LazyPay ( Card)®= get CashBack 1%
    ( maximum time , it varies from 0-5%, 0% is rare) .

  4. Simpl PayLater ( doesn’t impact on credit score) .

  5. Some website/Apps ( PaisaWapas , happy Credit, FreeCharge etc) gives you extra CashBack no matter what payment method you used .

Note : ® → its a PayLater, 1 loan account will show in credit score.

Bank/Credit Card : Old is Gold

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I prefer Axis Ace with minimum 2% Cashback.

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I’m considering getting a secured credit card. Haven’t tried one with an FD yet. Sounds like a solid idea

I have Onecard and Paisabazaar’s card…
Are they anyone offering secured card (without any bank account)

You don’t have Amex card?

Nope. RBI forbade onboarding new customers till we figured out local regulations. It’s a steady work in progress.

I’m waiting for that to be fixed so I can finally get one!


If you had to pick one, what would your prefer as an FD based credit card? OneCard or Paisabazaar Step Up?

Usability. UI. Cash backs. And so on.

I also have both If someone is spending more then OneCard is better.
Also EMI available which doesn’t have PaisaBazaar.

PaisaBazaar Credit Card Repayment system is not good, you have to fill manually each time .
This card doesn’t support on Cred/Paytm/Phonepe for repayment.
CashBack point can redeem even ₹0.5 is there but it can be expired.
PaisaBazaar Credit card Ui ? I think it will be nice joke :joy: @razack isn’t it?

OneCard is much better. You’ll love it.

Btw… why r you so keen on fd based card, why not apply for unsecured credit card?

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I’m a hoarder. I’m trying to control my spending habits. I want to start small. That’s where I think OneCard with its FD can help.

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