Onsurity Plus Membership - Jupiter Pro account

Hi team,

Has Jupiter started offering Onsurity Plus membership from Onsurity to customers on Jupiter Pro? NOT Jupiter Salary Pro.

Below are the plan details:

  • Group Health Insurance of INR 2 Lakhs
  • 2 free doctor teleconsultations. 1 for every 3 months of continued subscription
  • Up to 20% discount on 5 medicine orders
  • Up to 65% discount on 5 health check-ups

CC: @shawnpinto

Can someone on Jupiter Pro a/c (upgraded after maintaining MAB) confirm if they have got an email similar to below:

Hey @AltafParkar,

You’re right. The insurance coverage from Onsurity is provided only for Pro salary account holders. It’s not for Pro account holders.

I don’t think you should have received that email, we’ll check this and get back to you. :blob_think:

Just confirming, you have a Pro account right?

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Yes, I only have a Pro account.

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Got it, thanks.

@AltafParkar bad luck :joy: you should have kept it to yourself

That insurance really doesn’t matter to me man, was only trying to help.

Not sure how the product team gives a sign off to half-baked features, or perhaps don’t conduct a proper impact analysis.

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Hey @AltafParkar Can you let me know the sender’s address and subject line?

There you go…

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