News about Neo Banks 🗞️

Yeahh… looking fabulous…

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It’s scary. But on a serious note, are users facing account blocking problems and even if it gets blocked does it take 6-7 months to resolve the issue?

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You can see many complaints on this community.

It doesn’t take that long. Drop a post here in the community. Wait for the customer service folks to reach out to you (if this does happen to you), and they’ll fix it in a day or two.

Reality is different my friend!.. Tell me any case regarding account blocked which is solved within 2-3 days NOPE? Hahaha Over-confidence!..

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No doubt. They’re so hippy! Have you seen their site and the terms they use? :exploding_head:

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They do far less than we do, but their website feels super cool n simple lol.

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Yesterday i received IDFC wow but i don’t like the colour :frowning::frowning: it’s different from actual image…

Sure is different. It’s more light-ish red n silver. They could have worked on that.

But I do kinda like the fact it’s a visa infinite and not a signature.

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Bye bye Niyo Global & other Fintech Start-up for not trusting our indian banks!.. This bank showes bank account as a credit card in credit bureau LoL :joy:


Will it effect my credit card?
Cause i have one credit card by sbm bank india, also i have fixed deposit with them, should i worry about this?

This hits INDmoney the most. SBM powered their desi banking side of things, and now with that gone they’ll be scrambling to find a replacement.

I’d say this is banking lobby done right. Or maybe I’m wrong, who knows!

I think we are just going crazy here :smiley: - it will definitely affect fintechs like Nium and IndMoney - who use SBM to make foreign transfers or investments.

But FDs are a different ball game.

Full list of affected startups:

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Nope!.. You can use your credit card without any problem. But I’ll suggest you to take exit as soon as possible

Nowadays this neo bank are becoming worst and worst day by day this guy received a notice from cyber cell? For just transferring his own money from his mool account to another bank?

Please note this is (unverified)

Niyo Desi Bank.

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Anyone received this.
Also @Shawnpinto when will ios app be available for the same?

@Mukesh_kumar_Bharti I received!.. but I requested to delete the wallet account as well because its useless.

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Why do you hate Jupiter so much? I don’t think there is requirement for it.

HahahA!.. soon you will understand once you faced what I faced :disappointed_relieved::thinking:!..

There is not a single reason its a tons of reason to do this… I am not a single person here there are many

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