Need a wallet feature

please provide Jupiter wallet just like paytm wallet on Jupiter Android app @Shawnpinto @K-92

Hello @AaR1, as previously mentioned, I believe that many of the features and services offered by PayTM can also be found on Jupiter. Jupiter provides wallet features such as adding money and transferring funds, similar to PayTM. Additionally, Jupiter offers investment options as well.
Could you please elaborate on the specific feature(s) of PayTM Wallet that you would like to see on Jupiter?
Is it adding money from credit card/Prepaid cards to wallet and transfer to bank account feature? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

I request to Jupiter team to provide 2 features

1 Jupiter wallet

2 ipo E-mandate

Currently jupiter upi handle not eligible to ipo fund block through Jupiter upi handle @Shawnpinto @K-92

@AaR1 the observation on the IPO mandate is spot on. Having said that, these will eventually get considered once they have enough feedback and traction for it

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