Name change on Jupiter

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While opening account my name was Ragul but after months i have changed my name to Kavin Sandron. I have updated in government ID cards Pan cards after wards but in Jupiter app i can’t update it Please make that feature available soon

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Piggybacking onto this: Why can’t I as a user, add in my picture, or a nickname to my profile?

I’m mostly miffed about the lack of a profile picture, squad. I’m aware it doesn’t do much, but it’s still miles better than a static dead icon that’s allegedly me :sweat_smile:

@Shawnpinto @Jiten

Yup! Having a profile pic would be nice to have. We’re planning something for this :slight_smile:
Having a nickname would be hard. I mean, it might affect the bank records in some way, right?

But I get the scenario here. If the user actually changed his real name then the documents have to be updated and in the app as well. We’ll check this part out.


That’s a fair point: we’d need to update bank records. But why not just a nickname for the app though?

For example, while issuing a debit card at the start, I should be able to use my nickname if I’d wish (unsure if we’d run into regulatory hurdles there).

While using the app, I’d like to be greeted as “Nate” and not Nithin. I’m thinking more of a cosmetic change, and nothing drilled down as a permanent record change.

Meanwhile can’t wait for the profile pic update. I’d love to have it in the app.


Okay, having a nickname does sound cool now :thinking:
This reminds me of how I set up my Google Assistant once. It used to say my name fully but after adjusting the settings, it just uses my first name. The texts and reminders in the app too.

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This!!! I was taken aback when Google let me do that too lol. Alexa and Siri do it too. But Siri is so……… ugh.

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I neeeeed to change my fathers name what are the required steps


Why you want to change your father name ? For kyc verification it’s not necessary.

One card has this feature where we can change the name which is supposed to be embossed on the card.

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