My investments vanished and I cannot find them

I have invested Rs 40-50K over the last couple months and was able to view all my investments and returns on the investment tab until last month. Although deductions have been made in my account this month as well, I am unable to view them in their usual screen and cannot find my investments. It now shows I have invested Rs 0 which worries me severly. Pls help me find where i can see investments and returns here.

I am too facing this issue. My Mutual Fund Investments are not showing in the app. Help me why this is happening.

Even I am facing same issue but it showing there is some technical issue for mutual funds bcz of that we are getting invested amount as zero I hope it should resolve

@ishitakumar @ravi65 @chaithra_cheth This is resolved now. There was some technical issue in mutual funds. All your investments are safe. Thank you for your patience.


My investment are also vanished

This is resolved for all. Please check now.

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